Next-Generation DNA Tests Now Available

Reducing Costs While Maintaining Same Accuracy Increase

The Red Angus Association of America is excited to announce the availability of a next-generation DNA test – GeneSeek Genomic Profiler Low Density (GGP-LD). A result of the synergetic relationship between RAAA and GeneSeek, the GGP-LD delivers genomic information on tested animals equivalent to the ‘50K.’

Producers who opt for the GGP-LD will receive the same gains in accuracy as the higher density 50K and 80K tests, but at $48/animal the costs of the GGP-LD is significantly less. Identical to the RA50K, genomic data delivered through GeneSeek’s GGP-LD test will be incorporated into the tested animal’s EPDs, and the accuracy increased accordingly.

Contact RAAA to order your GGP-LD tests today.  

GeneSeek’s GGP-LD Brochure

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