THR Data + 50K DNA Technology = Unsurpassed Reliability of Genetic Predictions

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The reliability of RAAA EPDs have now reached new heights. Through a mutually beneficial agreement between RAAA and Pfizer Animal Health, Red Angus stakeholders now have the option of incorporating 50K DNA information into EPD calculations. Combining information gained from Pfizer’s 50K product with nearly two decades of RAAA Total Herd Reporting data provides Red Angus stakeholders with the most reliable genetic predictions in the beef industry.

To learn more about Pfizer's 50K product, visit RAAA's Genetic Merit page.

Below is a brief description of the content of these DNA Technology and Tools pages:

Genetic Merit

DNA tools available to RAAA stakeholders that are designed to increase the amount of genetic merit explained by EPDs. (Link)

DNA Parentage

Procedure for attaining parent verification of Red Angus animals. (Link)

Genetic Defects

Details of each genetic defect monitored by RAAA, as well as the procedure for testing animals for these known defects. In addition, readers can review a list of animlas that have been tested for various genetic defects. (Link)