Next-Generation DNA Tests Now Available

RAAA Implements Updated Zoetis Genomic Test

The Red Angus Association of America is excited to announce the release of Zoetis’ HD50K/i50K Version 2 genomic test along with the release of the Fall 2017 EPDs. Representing a recalibration of Zoetis’ original genomic test, Version 2 provides Red Angus breeders with a significant improvement in genetic prediction accuracy.  

Made possible by Red Angus breeders’ adoption of genomic technology, the Version 2 test was developed using Zoetis’ growing volume of 50K data on Red Angus animals. As a direct result, the population of animals used for the development of the Version 2 test consisted of mostly Red Angus animals along with strategically selected Black Angus animals. This is a distinct improvement from the original “Global Angus” test, which was developed using a higher percentage of Black Angus animals. Thus, the Version 2 test represents a significant improvement in RAAA’s ability to provide accurate EPDs on HD50K/i50K-tested animals.

Another exciting improvement is Zoetis’ Version 2 test provides genomic data for RAAA’s entire suite of EPDs. Therefore, in addition to the genomic-enhanced EPDs provided by the previous “Global Angus” test, breeders will now receive HD50K/i50K-powered genomic enhanced Stayability, Heifer Pregnancy and Maintenance Energy EPDs. Relatedly, HD50K/i50K-tested animals will receive a genomic-enhanced HerdBuilder index. 

Animals tested with the original Zoetis genomic test have already been upgraded to the Version 2 test. As a result of the improvement in genetic prediction, EPDs of upgraded animals have the potential to change. Similar to EPD changes and increases in accuracy resulting from the addition of progeny data, the updated EPDs represent an improvement in the prediction of animals’ genetic merit. 

Zoetis' i50K Technical Bulletin

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Genetic Defects

Details of each genetic defect monitored by RAAA, as well as the procedure for testing animals for these known defects. In addition, readers can review a list of animlas that have been tested for various genetic defects. (Link)