THR Data + 50K DNA Technology = Unsurpassed Reliability of Genetic Predictions

The reliability of RAAA EPDs have now reached new heights. Red Angus stakeholders now have the option of incorporating 50K DNA information into EPD calculations. Combining information gained from the 50K product with nearly two decades of RAAA Total Herd Reporting (THR) data provides Red Angus stakeholders with the most reliable genetic predictions in the beef industry.

Information gained from the 50K product will be simply incorporated into RAAA EPD calculations. Identical to information gained from an animal’s own performance or progeny performance, the information gained from 50K tests have the capacity to influence the tested animal’s EPDs and Accuracy. Through increasing the accuracy of EPDs, Red Angus stakeholders are provided EPDs with increased reliability to use in their selection decisions.

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GeneSeek Order Form (Excel XLS, Adobe PDF)          Zoetis Order Form (Excel XLS, Adobe PDF)

The Excel document will download into the location you have specified on your computer. Please check for a file named "GeneSeek_Order_Form_12-14-17.xls" or "Zoetis_Order_Form_9-30-17.xls" depending on which test you choose.