Herd Improvement Intiative

Red Angus Businesses Achieve Success Through Herd Improvement Initiative

The desire to make improvment in one's personal life takes committement and a plan.  Farm and ranch businesses should be no different. In an effort to assist cattlemen with attaining growth and improvement in their beef businesses, the Red Angus Association of America is offering a no-cost initiative, the Red Angus Herd Improvement Plan. This free program will help ranch families, both commercial and seedstock enterprises, set improvement goals and achieve their business objectives.
The concept of the Herd Improvement Plan is simple – establish a written plan to help ranch families better their beef herds. An individual ranch improvement plan will include several sections including breeding and performance goals, as well as the accompanying action steps and a timeline for completion. Beef producers are reminded that goals should be realistic and time based, to help achieve business success.
Once written, the producer submits the ranch-developed plan to RAAA staff who will review the document with the rancher and store the plan confidentially. RAAA serves as an accountability partner, providing periodic follow-up with the firm for evaluation of progress, but does not judge or share the information contained within the plan or discovered during review sessions.
Larry Keenan, RAAA director of breed improvement, noted the importance of this effort.  “While the core of the Herd Improvement Program is assisting individual operations to achieve their goals, the collective impact resulting from numerous operations participating in the program has the potential to exponentially improve the Red Angus breed,” he said.
To initiate the process to establish a Herd Improvement Plan, contact Halla Pfeiff at (940) 387-3502 Ext. 10 or halla@redangus.org.


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