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Ranchers' Guide to Profit... Genetic Tools for Reproduction - 02/17/09

Donnell Brown, RA Brown Ranch

A sound, functional genetic base is instrumental in building a successful commercial cow/calf operation for the long term. Guest speaker, Donnell Brown, R.A. Brown Ranch, Throckmorton, TX will discuss Cowherd Building selection tools and their application.  Viewers will gain a perspective on traits important to sustain profitability in the cow/calf sector during these challenging economic times.

 Ranchers' Guide to EPDs - 11/18/08

Todd Sears, Beef Marketing Manager, ABS Global
Larry Keenan, Research Coordinator, Red Angus Association of America

Genetics.... a huge contributor to producer profits, and one the producer controls. Properly employed, genetic predictions can help keep your bottom line in the black. WIth bull selection right around the corner, tune in to brush up your understanding of EPDs .

Ranchers' Guide to Stayability - 11/04/08

Mark Enns & Brian Brigham / Colorado State University

Red Angus' efforts continue to focus on enhancing the profitability of our commercial beef industry customers. Recent advances in RAAA's Stayability EPD has allowed for more reliable selection of bulls whose daughters stay productive longer. This allows a larger percentage of the heifer calves to be "Cash Cropped", and has a very positive impact on producers' bottom lines. Tune in to hear Mark Enns and Brian Brigham, Colorado State University, discuss the recent changes in Red Angus' Stayability EPD.

Ranchers' Guide to Reproduction - 3/25/08

Merlyn Sandbulte, District Sale Manager, ABS Global
Rick Funston, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska

Strategies to improve cow reproductive performance, synchronization techinques, and genetic selection for reproduction.

Ranchers' Guide to EPDs - 1/08/08

Lorna Marshall, Beef Sire Acquisition Manager, ABS Global
Larry Keenan, Research & Special Programs Coordinator, Red Angus Association of America

Understand genetic prodictions for economically relevant traits.

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