RAAA Udder Scoring Guide

Suspension and Teat Size

The ability to make genetic improvement in any trait is greatly enhanced through documented observations of that trait. This principle provided the foundation of Red Angus’ development of the udder scoring system. When implemented, this system will provide producers with valuable information to facilitate mating and culling decisions related to udder quality and its impact on a cowherd’s productive lifespan.

Red Angus’ two score system allows for the separate evaluation of udder suspension and teat size. Udder suspension scores are subjective assessments of udder support and range from 9 (very tight) to 1 (very pendulous). Teat size scores are subjective assessments of teat length and circumference and range from 9 (very small) to 1 (very large).


    Use the following guidelines when collecting udder score data:
  • Udder scores should be taken within 24 hours after calving.
  • Use a cow’s “weakest” quarter to score teat size and udder suspension.
  • Age of the female should not be factored into her scores.
  • It’s best if the same person scores all females in each management group.