Intern Placement Program

Utilize this JRA program to gain valuable farm/ranch experience during the summer; fall or spring semester. This program assists junior members in locating an internship with Red Angus breeders and industry partners across the country. Whether you are searching for an internship to fulfill a college requirement or simply want a summer job that helps build new skills, offers new experiences and a chance to work in a different part of the country –utilize the Intern Placement Program.

Three easy steps to using the Intern Placement Program:

  1. Review the list of breeders and industry partners who are interested in hosting an intern. 
  2. Directly contact any operations on the potential intern hosts list in which you have an interest in working as an intern. Phone and/or personal interviews are encouraged; discussions on compensation, housing, transportation, insurance, expectations from each party, date of beginning and ending internship, days off etc. are between the employer and employee. JRA or RAAA has no role in negotiating actual work experience details.
  3. Provide any information requested by the potential host.

Some Red Angus breeders have expressed their preference to host interns during the fall or spring to provide the best learning environment with a wider variety of opportunities on an operation. So, even if you are not seeking an internship for college, you may consider taking time in the fall or spring to become involved in an internship.

For more information, contact RAAA Junior Programs Coordinator.