70:70 Beef

70 /  70 Beef

Created by JBS Swift & Company and the American Simmental Association, the 7070 beef carcass pricing grid offers rewards for high marbling levels combined with exceptional red meat yield. 7070 refers to the industry goal of 70% Quality Grade Choice, 70% Yield Grade 1 or 2, and no outs or discounted cattle. While the 7070 grid is open to all breeds, several university studies have shown that Continental x British cattle and specifically Simmental x Angus or Red Angus come closest to the 70:70:0 target. The 7070 grid also provides the added opportunity for producers to reduce production costs through the use of crossbreeding and heterosis while increasing the demand for their product.

In addition, Source and Age Verified cattle qualify for premiums on the 7070 grid. The American Simmental Association offers the SimChoice Age and Source verification program and the 7070 grid accepts other USDA approved Processed Verified Programs, including Red Angus FCCP.

For more information on the 7070 pricing grid visit www.7070beef.com or contact:

Mark Guge, Grid Manager
Phone: 515.231.6849
E-Mail: mguge@netins.net