U.S. Premium Beef


US Premium Beef, LLC, Kansas City, MO, (USPB) is a producer-owned, beef marketing company. USPB is an owner of National Beef Packing Company, LLC, which is the nation's fourth largest beef processor. USPB is the only large scale company that enables producers to retain ownership of their cattle through producer owned value-added processing in the United States. The beef our members produce is the cornerstone for many of our processing company's branded product lines including Black Canyon ® Premium Reserve, Certified Premium Beef®, Black Canyon® Angus Beef, Naturewell® Natural Beef, and NatureSource® Natural Angus Beef. In addition, our company also produces Certified Angus Beef® and Certified Hereford Beef®.

USPB's more than 2,100 producers come from 36 states and represent all segments of the beef industry including seedstock producers, commercial cow-calf producers, stocker operators as well as farmer-feeders and custom cattle feeders. All share a common desire to earn greater profits for producing beef designed for today's consumers. We continue to work with new producers who want to get paid for the value of the beef they produce.

USPB recognizes the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) as verification of Angus parentage for inclusion in our Naturewell® Natural Beef and NatureSource™ Natural Angus Beef branded programs.

For more information on how you can market your cattle through U.S. Premium Beef, please visit our website or contact Tracy Thomas at (866) 877-2525 or by email at tlthomas@uspb.com