Feedyard Partners

Beef Northwest Feeders - North Powder, Oregon


Beef_Notthwest_FeedersToday, as packers are recognizing the value of superior genetic inputs and added value management practices, such as Age and Source Verification, Beef Northwest does everything possible to help you pocket the profits you desire and obtain the performance data you need to continue improving and fine-tuning your breeding program.

We are able to provide complete carcass data and can even help run trials on groups of cattle, and have marketing agreements with regional packers Tyson and AB Foods. Several marketing options are available to meet the needs of individual customers. Additionally, Beef Northwest offers cattle, feed and risk management financing with more attractive terms than many commercial banks. Contact Risk Management Coordinator for details.

Beef Northwest has produced outstanding carcass data and enviable premiums when feeding Red Angus influenced cattle, and recognizes the official Red Angus program ear tag as USDA approved Age and Source Verification. Red Angus enrolled in this program and fed at Beef Northwest are eligible for Red Angus’ GridMaster carcass Awards program.

For feeding opportunities with BNW, please contact Ron Rowan at ron@beefnw.com.

Cattleman's Choice Feedyard - Gage, Oklahoma


Cattleman's Choice FeedyardCattleman's Choice Feedyard Inc.(CCFI) is a family owned and operated custom feedyard located in western Oklahoma. Our growth to current capacity from our 1500 head beginnings has been through dedication to customer satisfaction. In the process we have rebuilt the facilities to assure the most efficient feeding experience for your cattle. Since 2004 we have annually been recognized by winning the Red Angus Association's "GridMaster" award, or Certified Angus Beef's National Carcass Challenge for having exceptionally high percentages of cattle qualifying for C.A.B. Ask us about the improvements we are undergoing to better serve customers by minimizing days on feed, while targeting the cattle's maximum market value.

  • Capacity - 7500 head
  • QSA / PVP Status - routinely market Source and Age verified cattle for premiums. CCFI is under Texas Cattle Feeders QSA and are Micro Beef / Cattelog Age and Source approved auditors.
  • Retained Ownership - We strive to make retained ownership work for our customers through marketing alliances, access to premium programs and expanded market access. We provide individual animal data to customers so they can maximize the profit potential of their herd through selection and culling decisions.
  • Value Based Grids - Primarily through the USPB grid at National Beef in Liberal and Dodge City, KS. Also have marketed through Angus America grid at Cargill plant in Dodge City. All packers visit the yard weekly.
  • Red Angus FCCP - We have had great success feeding Certified Red Angus. We are familiar with the processes and staff at Red Angus, and can assist Red Angus customers in obtaining all premiums afforded them by the Red Angus FCCP tag including, age and source verification premiums and inclusion in branded products. Our Red Angus customers have had great success selling replacement heifers, using our data feedback from their cattle.

For more information about Cattleman's Choice please contact Dale Moore at (580)698-2271 or ccfeedyard@pldi.net.

Century Feeders, Inc. - Goodland, Kansas


We are a locally owned feedyard in Sherman County, close to Goodland Kansas with 10,000 head capacity. We received the 2008 Red Angus Industry Service Award. Since 2003, 14 of the 42 lots of cattle identified for carcass excellence have been fed at Century Feeders, Inc.


 Services offered by Century Feeders, Inc.:

  • Feed & Cattle Financing
  • Options and Hedging available

  Complete Programs for:

  • Finishing & Backgrounding Cattle
  • Pasture Programs
  • Live Marketing
  • Ultrasound Cattle
  • Carcass Data
  • Century Partners with Customers on Cattle
  • Certified Red Angus Feedlot Partner
  • Grids:Red Angus, Angus America, USPB, and others
  • QSA Sstatus with Age and Source Verification with IMI Global

If you would like further information please contact Dale Kenny at 785-899-6515, or Mike Short at 785-821-4407 or Dick Short at 785-899-4739. You may also contact Century Feeders by email at century@st-tel.net.

Kan Sun Feeders - Leoti, Kansas

Kan Sun FeedersA value added custom feedlot in Western Kansas, Kan Sun Feeders is big enough to share economies of scale and small enough to put customers service as the their first priority.


If you have any question or would like further information about Kan Sun, please contact Cecil Bailey at (620) 375-2282.

  • Capacity - 17, 000 head
  • QSA / PVP Status - AgInfoLink
  • Packer Access - National Beef Plant, Dodge City and Liberal, KS - Tyson Plant, Holcomb, KS - Cargil Plant, Dodge City, KS and Fort Morgan, CO
  • Value Based Grids - USPB through National Beef, Angus America through Cargil
  • Red Angus FCCP recognized for USDA Age / Source Verification. Currently earning $35 per head.

Weborg Feeding Company, LLC - Pender, Nebraska

Weborg Feeding Co. LLC, is a family owned and operated farming and cattle feeding company. Started in 1972 near Pender, Nebraska, Weborg’s has grown to a 25,000 head, one time capacity, successful feed yard.

In 1994, they began specializing in , but are not limited to, feeding naturally raised cattle.  They have a marketing program through Meyer Natural Angus, and are located within 100 miles of four major packing companies.  Weborg's advocate feeding no hormones, antibiotics or animal by products for the natural cattle in their feedyard. 

Along with an experienced custom feeding staff, this feed yard offers financial guidance for their customers including futures options for obtaining the greatest value possible for their fed cattle. The expertise of a veterinarian and nutritionist makes Weborg’s a well rounded professional partner for cattle feeders.

For more information, please contact Weborg Feeding Company at (402) 385-3441 or email webcat@weborgfeeding.com.