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The Ranchers' Guide to Profit

Ranchers' Guide to Key Success Indicators - 5/26/09

Dr. Barry Dunn, Executive Director, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management

Tune in to the Ranchers' Guide as Dr. Barry Dunn, Executive Director of the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, joins us to discuss facing the challenges cattlemen face in today's beef industry. Dr. Dunn will explain the Balance Scorecard Approach to Ranch Management and how Strategic Thinking plays a vital role in his students success.

Ranchers' Guide to Profit... Targeting Grade & Yield - 4/28/09

Marty Ropp, Commercial Marketing, American Simmental Association
Mark Guge, Grid Manager, 70:70 Beef Grid

Marty Ropp, Director of Commercial Programs for American Simmental Association will explain the 70:70 Beef Grid, which refers to 70% Quality Grade Choice, 70% Yield Grade 1 or 2, and no outs or discounted cattle. Several university studies have shown that Continental x British cattle and specifically Simmental x Red Angus or Angus come closest to the 70:70:0 target. Additionally, cattle enrolled in USDA PVP's such as ASA's SimChoice, and now Red Angus's FCCP are eligible for Age and Source Verification premiums. Be with us Tuesday night as Marty explains this fed cattle marketing opportunity that is custom built for Red Angus x Simmental calves.

Ranchers' Guide to Replacements - 4/14/09

RAAA Marketing Staff

Please join the Red Angus Marketing staff to discuss selecting replacement females, as well as using ProCow to buy or sell replacements.

Ranchers' Guide to Grid Marketing - 3/31/09

Brian Bertelson, U.S. Premium Beef

Unlocking premiums off the rail …
Tune in to hear Brian Bertelson with U.S. Premium Beef as he discusses grid marketing and the various avenues for capturing added value premiums.

Ranchers' Guide to Retained Ownership - 3/17/09

Dan Dorn, Decatur County Feed Yard

We will focused on the reasons for retained ownership and cover a variety of topics including risk management, partnerships, financing, marketing strategies, and more.

Ranchers' Guide to Timed AI - Programs for Todays Cattleman - 3/2/09

Dave Patterson, University of Missouri
Stan Lock, Genex

In today's busy world, the use of Timed AI allows producers to utilize superior genetics without dedicating days on end for heat detection. Join Dr. Dave Patterson from the University of Missouri and Stan Lock with Genex CRI as they discuss recent advancements in synchronization protocols that are rewarding cattlemen with higher conception rates, at times even superior to those involving heat detection.

Ranchers' Guide to Bull Selection - 1/20/09

Tom Woodward, Broseco Ranch

Tom Woodward, Manager of Broseco Ranch, 2007 BIF Commercial Producer of the Year, will discuss the many factors which influence Bull Selection decisions with Myron Edelman, Red Angus' Director of Added Value Programs.  Myron has recently joined the Red Angus Marketing Programs team, having formerly managed a reputation cow herd that turned out over 100 Red Angus bulls and profited from Red Angus marketing programs. 

Ranchers' Guide to Natural - 12/30/08

Blake Angell, Meyer Natural Angus

A explanation of various definitions of natural and how simple it can be for producers to participate in the rapidly growing demand for natural beef products.

Ranchers' Guide to Age & Source - 12/16/08

Kevin Miller, Croissant Red Angus
Mary Ann Kniebel, Kniebel Farms

Clint Berry, Red Angus Association of America

An examination of the market forces which create demand for Age & Source cattle, how that demand is expressed in premiums & what the future holds for Age & Source premiums.

Ranchers' Guide to Profit... Understanding Demand - 12/2/08

Marcine Moldenhauer, Meat Link Inc

Marcie Moldenhauer, of Meat-Link, Inc. will discuss factors that impact demand... Pulling through added value from the retail level all the way back to the cow/calf producer.

Ranchers' Guide to Profit... Industry Outlook- 10/21/08

Troy Marshall, Editor / Publisher of the Seedstock Digest

Certainly the economy we operate within is bigger than $6 corn and $4 diesel, Troy's thought provoking commentary should prove beneficial for producers who see tomorrow's opportunities through today's challenges.

Ranchers' Guide to Profit... Exceeding Customer Expectations - 10/7/08

Bruce Durheim / 5 time GridMaster Winner

Closer look at genetic supply from the ranchers' perspective, and discuss bull customers' expectations from their genetic investment.

Ranchers' Guide to Key Success Indicators - 5/06/08

Dr. Barry Dunn / King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management

Identifies key success indicators for a balanced approach to profitability in today's dynamic ranch industry.

Ranchers' Guide to Video Auction - 4/22/08

Jim Kelley / Superior Livestock Auction
Lemmy Wilson / Hodge Livestock Network Inc.
Ron Bolze / Red Angus Association of America

How to profit from marketing your calves through this high tech option.

Ranchers' Guide to Replacement - 4/08/08

Red Angus Marketing Staff

Selection criteria for replacement females, as well as using Pro-Cow to buy and sell replacements.

Ranchers' Guide to Retained Ownership (Part 2) - 3/11/08

Warren Weibert / Decatur County Feeder

How to get started in retained ownership.

Ranchers' Guide to Retained Ownership (Part 1) - 2/26/08

Panel of successful ranchers

Enhance profitability by owning the results of your bull selection into the carcass.

Ranchers' Guide to Added Value - 2/12/08

Ron Bolze / Director of Commercial Marketing, Red Angus Association of America

Add value to your calf crop by utilizing the Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP).

Ranchers' Guide to Age / Source Verification - 01/30/08

Brian Bertelsen / Director of Field Operations, U.S. Premium Beef
Ron Bolze / Director of Commercial Marketing, Red Angus Association of America

Understanding USDA process verified programs to access age and source premiums.

Ranchers' Guide to Bull Selection - 01/15/08

Tom Woodward / Ranch Manager, Broseco Ranch

Bull selection techniques to enhance cow/calf profitability.

Ranchers' Guide to Natural - 12/18/07

Leanne Saunder / Vice-President, IMI Global
Blake Angell / Director of Feeder Cattle Procurement, Meyer Natural Angus

Accessing the premiums offered by marketing calves through all natural programs.

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