Customized calving book designed by ranchers

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) is excited to offer a customized calving book designed by ranchers, for ranchers. RAAA staff listened to the needs of their members and commercial producers to design a calving book that meets the demands of calving season, plus contains all the information they need at their finger tips to genetic, age and source verify their calf crop.

The official Red Angus Calving Book will be available to producers in early January and will be distributed to Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) tag customers, at trade shows or to any producer requesting one. The pages will be customized for Red Angus data and ranchers can record up to 600 calves per book.

The book is a weather proof, “Rite In The Rain” product that features a waterproof cover and All-Weather Writing paper created to shed water and enhance the written image. The calving book also includes a pull out contact section inserted into the back cover so ranchers can transfer their contact list from year to year.

As an added bonus, Red Angus affiliates or RAAA members can customize their own calving book cover with their name and logo to promote their association or ranch. Deadline is October 1.

For more information or to reserve your custom calving book, contact Mikalena Randazzo, RAAA commercial marketing specialist, (940) 387-3502, fax (940) 383-4036,


For more information, contact:
Mikalena Randazzo, Commercial Marketing Specialist
(940) 387-3502 •



The official Red Angus Calving Book is designed so producers can record all the information needed to genetic, age and source verify their calf crop.


The Red Angus Calving Book is waterproof with a removable “contact” section inserted into the back cover.


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