Press Releases

Denver – Excellence in commercial cattle and the cattle feeding industry is highly commendable in today’s marketing atmosphere. The Grid Master Award is earned by firms that have successfully combined superior Red Angus genetics, feeding management skills and precise marketing to achieve success with the slaughter of a superior beef carcass.

An exciting opportunity exists again this fall for special pricing on the Red Navigator genomic test for commercial Red Angus females. Producers who use this test, developed by GeneSeek, will be able to compare their commercial Red Angus females against the entire commercial heifer data set on file with the Red Angus Association of America. The test provides percentile rankings for each EPD in the Red Angus suite, providing an excellent tool to make keep-cull decisions more logical and more scientific.

The Red Angus Association of America is excited to announce the release of Zoetis’ HD50K/i50K Version 2 genomic test along with the release of the Fall 2017 EPDs. Representing a recalibration of Zoetis’ original genomic test, Version 2 provides Red Angus breeders with a significant improvement in genetic prediction accuracy.  

Commerce City, Colorado – Red Angus breeders will be jumping out of their chairs to place bids at the upcoming Red Angus Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) auction. The auction, slated for 7 p.m. on September 13, offers a wide variety of items to vie for, however, the prize gem of the auction is a “Pick of the Herd” package from Mushrush Red Angus of Strong City, Kansas.

Commerce City, Colorado – Cattlemen and women will gather in Colorado Springs in September to take advantage of insight offered by industry experts on pressing issues affecting beef producers today.

Healthy cattle equate to profitable cattle in all sectors of the beef production chain. Aiding in disease prevention – through astute management and proper vaccination protocols – is the first step in setting up a calf for a healthy life.

The scenic beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains, pristine pine-and-aspen forests and twisting canyons of Colorado’s Front Range will greet cattlemen and women from across the country as they gather in Colorado Springs, Sept. 13 to 15, for the 2017 National Red Angus Convention. Online registration is open at

Red Angus cattle continue to add value to premium markets and build customer reputations through the Feeder Calf Certification Program. Red Angus’ ability to consistently grade Choice or higher and maintain low levels of Yield Grade 4s make them a target for packers to fill premium branded-beef program demands. Cattle wearing the yellow FCCP tag or green Allied Access tag signifying enrollment in Red Angus value-added programs may submit carcass data to be considered for the distinguished Grid Master Award.

Red Angus Association of America’s national office transitions to Denver area

The rapidly growing Red Angus Association of America will soon be operating out of its new headquarters in Commerce City, Colorado, located in close proximity to Denver International Airport. RAAA’s Board of Directors approved the relocation of the National Office during the fall of 2016, and the transition is nearing completion. 

The transition is underway to move RAAA headquarters to Commerce City, Colorado, and new faces are gracing the Member Services staff. The official address change is scheduled for July but designated staff members are already working in Colorado.

Registry Specialists Caroline Graham and Jeananne Mosher will assist members in registering and transferring cattle, answering questions on REDSPro usage, and other data collection and management tasks.