Red Navigator Tests Offer Selection Tools

Promotional Price Offered!

Save $6 and Achieve Results during the Red Navigator Promotional Sale

A special promotion is now being offered for the GeneSeek Red Navigator DNA test! Normally $25, this test, designed for high-percentage (75% or greater) Red Angus commercial females, is now available for just $19 per test.
What do I get for this test? By submitting blood card or tissue samples, you will receive a percentile rank for every Red Angus EPD on females tested. This percentile rank will be benchmarked against the commercial females tested through Red Navigator in the database. 
What’s more, you will receive a follow-up call from Katie Ochsner, commercial marketing specialist, after you’ve received your results, to aid you in interpretation of the information.
The Spring promotion runs from now until April 30, 2017. Order your test kits TODAY by calling Halla Pfeiff, 940.387.3502, Ext. 10!