Computerized Herd Management

The computerized herd managament program which is compatible with the National Office is Cow Sense (Midwest MicroSystems. L.L.C). They are able to submit and receive data with the National Office. Even though, Cow Sense is completely independent of the Red Angus Association of America, we have a good working relationship with their staff and they have maintained compatibility in programming with the National Office since 1999.

If you need more information or have technical support questions, please contact them directly. They are best qualified to answer your questions. The RAAA is interested in the member's relationship with them and your satisfaction, so please do not hesitate to contact the National Office with your comments.

Midwest MicroSystems LLC
3100 'O' Street, Suite 7
Lincoln, NE 68510
800-584-0040 * Fax# 402-323-6968