Sale Catalog Data Extracts


Time is precious when you are marketing your bulls and females, so streamlining your sale catalog preparation can give you more one-on-one time with customers.

Through the new REDSPro system, members can pull data extracts to prepare production sale catalogs.  SCDEs no longer must be requested to be pulled by the National Office.

The option is available under the Herd Management Tab/ My Reports in REDSPro.

To pull your Sale Catalog Data Extract, create a group of your sale animals. This can also be accomplished by copying and pasting the desired registration numbers you wish to pull.

Select “SCDE/Pedigree” to pull the animals data into the standard .CSV format download.  This is the same format that was previously being pulled by the National office.

If templates are still needed please send an email request to As always, please allow a few business days for this data to be returned.

The download includes three-generation pedigrees, complete performance data and the entire EPD suite with accuracies and breed-ranking percentiles.

The CSV text file may be imported into Microsoft Excel, and on most computers with Excel or other spreadsheet application installed can be opened by double-clicking the CSV file; if that doesn't work, then right-clicking the CSV file and choosing Excel from the "Open With" menu should work.  For detailed instructions on how to import CSV data into Excel, visit here for Excel 2003, or here for Excel 2007 and later.


1. Review the available output format samples and decide which one will work best for you.

  • The samples are EXACTLY the same format as what you will receive (but with the data for your animals, not the sample ones). Please download the sample you want to make sure that it will work for you.
  • If the available formats don't work as you need, contact a graphic designer to create a custom layout for you.


  • Normal processing of a job takes 3 business days (72 hours; Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm CST) from the time the full & complete processing request is received. All information in #3 above as well as the authorization to begin processing the job is required before the processing time begins.


SCDE Text Input Sample SCDE Excel Input
Text Input File Microsoft Excel Input File


SCDE Text Output Sample

Text Output File (CSV, Tab–Separated)

The tab–separated CSV text file may be imported into Microsoft Excel.  For instructions on how to do this,
visit here for Excel 2003, or here for Excel 2007 and later.

Microsoft Word Templates:

Template A Template B
(view larger image) (view larger image)
6 per page, 3 generation pedigree 8 per page, 2 generation pedigree


If one of the available formats does not meet your needs, you may contact one of the following graphic designers to help create a personalized layout.  The graphic designer may use the text format to merge the data into the layout they create.