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Red Angus Association Releases Two New EPDs Aimed at Increasing Efficiency

April 23, 2018

Denver – Beef producers consistently look toward the horizon for new tools to help them improve their bottom line. The Red Angus Association of America has a long history of supporting commercial cattlemen and women who are dedicated to efficiently producing high-quality beef. The recent release of two new Red Angus EPDs, targeted at providing producers…

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Red Angus Association of America Hires Director of Breed Improvement

February 13, 2018

Denver – The Red Angus Association of America is pleased to announce that Ryan Boldt of Ft. Collins, CO, has been hired as Director of Breed Improvement. Boldt is a Ph.D. student in breeding and genetics at Colorado State University, where he also earned a Master of Science. His undergraduate education includes a Bachelor of…

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Leading Beef Breed Associations Partner to Release “Premium Red Baldy” Program

February 12, 2018

Phoenix – Two of the largest beef breed associations in the U.S. have teamed up to offer commercial cattlemen a groundbreaking, genetically verified program to improve their bottom line. The Red Angus Association of America and the American Hereford Association are proud to introduce the “Premium Red Baldy” program, designed to capitalize on the best…

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Red Angus Association of America Releases Spring 2018 EPDs in Time for Bull Sale Season

January 18, 2018

Denver – As a new calendar year has arrived, so has the blitz of spring bull sales.  Beef producers desire up-to-date genetic information to make their purchasing decisions, hence accurate and reliable information is necessary. The Red Angus Association of America has just released its spring 2018 EPDs, allowing producers to utilize the most current data…

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Nolan Woodruff Joins Red Angus Association of America

January 12, 2018

Denver – The tremendous growth of the Red Angus breed in recent years has created the need for additional staff to keep up with the demands of increasing registrations, member requests and data management. To accommodate the Red Angus membership, the Red Angus Association of America has added Nolan Woodruff, a native of Ventura, California,…

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Red Angus Teams up With Kansas State University to Publish Valuable Data From Cow-Calf Veterinarians

December 21, 2017

Denver – Results from a detailed survey of cow-calf veterinarians compiling their recommendations on vaccine protocols, health management, and production practice recommendations were recently published in The Professional Animal Scientist,the publication for the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. The study, “A Survey of Recommended Practices Made by Veterinary Practitioners to Cow-Calf Operations in the United States and…

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Red Angus Experiences Rapid Growth

November 21, 2017

Denver – The Red Angus breed - often heralded by commercial producers as a consistent provider of fertility, longevity and overall herd profitability - is increasing its market share across the U.S. beef industry and has experienced two consecutive years of rapid growth. Bob Morton, President of the Red Angus Association of America, says, “Demand for…

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Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program Brings Home Big Premiums for Producers

October 19, 2017

Denver – Producers who wish to pocket an extra $2.75 per hundredweight (cwt) should heavily consider enrolling in the leading tag program in the beef industry – the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program. The FCCP “Yellow Tag” is universally recognized as the symbol of guaranteed Red Angus genetics and a trusted source for both…

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Red Angus Association of America Completes Relocation to Commerce City, Colorado

October 5, 2017

Denver – After 50 years of calling Denton, Texas, its home, the Red Angus Association of America has completed its relocation to Commerce City, Colorado. The new headquarters of the 63-year-old organization are well situated right outside of Denver, only 10 miles from Denver International Airport. The determination to relocate was carefully considered by the…

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Grid Masters Deliver Premiums to Red Angus Breeders

September 25, 2017

Denver – Excellence in commercial cattle and the cattle feeding industry is highly commendable in today’s marketing atmosphere. The Grid Master Award is earned by firms that have successfully combined superior Red Angus genetics, feeding management skills and precise marketing to achieve success with the slaughter of a superior beef carcass. Harold Bertz, Red Angus…

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