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Posted on Dec 03, 2019
City/State: Absarokee, Montana
Contact: Donald &Carolyn Hutson
Quantity: 35
These are mostly March and April calves that were weaned on October 24 and are on pasture grass, hay, and pellets. They were give Inforce 3 and AlphaCD at birth, Inforce 3, Ultrabac8 and Dectomax Inj at branding, BoviShield Gold One Shot, Ultrabac7/Somubac, and Dectomax Pour On on September 3. They were bangs vaccinated on November 18. Selling 35 head, they can sell as one lot or in smaller lots.

Red Angus Fall Pairs

Posted on Dec 02, 2019
City/State: Atkinson, Nebraska
Contact: Dale Paxton
Quantity: 85 +/-
85 head of gentle easy keeping true fall pairs. Cows and calves are all tagged to match. Started calving August 1st. All cows calved on their own with no assistance and have good bags. Heifer calves were given Alpha 7 at birth, bull calves received Alpha 7, Tetanus and were banded at birth. Cows were all cake broke as heifers and are easy to work with. Delivery available. Call (402) 340-0005
City/State: Boyden, IA
Contact: Heath Hilbrands
Quantity: 52
Good condition Red Angus cattle out of high-end Bieber Red Angus bloodlines. Available in Iowa!

High Quality Bred Heifers

Posted on Dec 02, 2019
City/State: Heppner Oregon
Contact: Van Schoiack Ranch
Quantity: 50
Beautiful set of Red Angus heifers (1 black) . Herd is primarily solid red with a few baldy or brockle face. These are pick of herd: selling only due to reduction in cow numbers. AI bred to calving ease Schuler Rebel 0029X 4/18/19 , cleaned up with Lorenzen calving ease bulls. Bulls pulled 6/18/19.

Bred cows

Posted on Nov 28, 2019
City/State: Red lodge Montana
Contact: Sedgwick ranch
Quantity: 60-100

Torrington Livestock Markets

Posted on Nov 24, 2019
City/State: Torringotn Livestock Markets
Contact: Lee Iberlin
Lee Iberlin is selling 50 Red/Rwf Cows, SS-ST, Bred to Red Angus Bulls, CF: April/May on Monday, November 25 at Torrington Livestock Markets. Breds will start at noon.

Open fall born hfrs

Posted on Nov 22, 2019
City/State: Ashland ks
Contact: B&M cattle
Quantity: 24
Nice set of open hfrs. 2 baldies rest are red.

Red angus fall hfr pairs

Posted on Nov 22, 2019
City/State: Ashland ks
Contact: B&M cattle
Quantity: 27
Nice set of hfrs. 1 red baldy rest are red. Are on hay and cake with good mineral program.

Top Quality Bred Heifers

Posted on Nov 17, 2019
City/State: McVille
Contact: Rorvig Ranch Co.
Quantity: 300
Rorvig Ranch Co has top quality Red Angus, Red Baldy, Black Angus and Black Baldy bred heifers for sale. Bred to low birth EPD Red Angus bulls. Group 1 will calve April 1. Group 2 will calve April 25. These heifers will make a cowherd. Long time program. Follow us on Facebook at Rorvig Ranch Co. Call anytime. Dan 701-797-7338. Amy 701-309-0270.

Bred Cow Special

Posted on Nov 13, 2019
City/State: Torrington Livestock
Contact: Springfield Ranch
Quantity: 41
Selling 41 home raised bred yearling heifers. Vaccinated prior to breeding with Express FP5 VL5 and Valbazan Dewormer. Wintered on hay and cake only. Summered at 7200 feet on native range. Developed under range conditions, have never entered a feedlot. Preg tested by Ultrasound on 8/30/19 and vaccinated with Scourguard 4K at that time. Have approximate due date for each heifer available. Gentle temperament, were caked on foot by hand all winter.