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Posted on Aug 13, 2019
Contact: Jon & Patty Tebelius
Out of Red Angus & Angus cows by Wasem, Gill, Leland and Bieber Red Angus (Domain, Forever Red & Trilogy bloodlines) bulls. Approx. 95% Red & 5% Black. 100% Red Angus sired. Seedstock program focused on easy fleshing, performance & carcass merit.Weaned mid Sept. on high roughage ration to gain 2.5# per day. No creep while on cows. Year round Purina mineral. To be delivered Nov 11-14. Vaccinations VAC 45+. BS Gold One Shot, Ultrabac 7 Somubac , poured dectomax@ branding. BS Gold One Shot, Somubac & Dectomax P/O @ weaning. BS Gold 5 & Somubac booster.Gather, sort, load on buyers truck, haul approx. 29 miles & weigh on truck w/a 2%. 56,210# ld(s). Film is 2018 @ delivery & 2019 calves on cows. No brands. Selling on Superior Livestock Big horn classic Aug 21 lot number 7835.

Posted on Jul 22, 2019
Contact: Volf Ranch, Inc.

Weighing Conditions: Early AM gather, sort, sex, size, weigh after the steers. Weigh on ground with a 1% shrink. Ranch has been in business since 1949, red Angus for 20 plus years. Middle cut of a very fancy set of heifers. Past years sold as replacements. Selling on Northern Livestock Summertime Classic Wednesday July 24th. Lot 1024.

Contact: Springfield Ranch
Quantity: 120
Home raised red angus yearling steers. Wintered at home on hay and cake. Running on native grass, salt, and mineral at 7200'. Selling on Cattle Country Video High Plains Showcase on July 2,2019 Lot 7008.

Posted on Jun 14, 2019
Contact: Turkey Track Livestock
A fancy set of home raised 1 iron steers that are long bodied and thick made cattle. On native Wyoming pasture with a salt and mineral program. Selling on Northern Livestock Video Auction: 2019 Summertime Classic. Shipping Date: Sept 17, 2019

Posted on Jun 11, 2019
Contact: Volf Ranch, Inc
Top end out of 95 steers. All red angus tagged and red hided. Preconditioned. Ship October 2nd weather permitting. FOB Ranch. Gather, sort, sex and weigh on ground with a 2%. 54,000lb load. Sell Thursday, June 13th at 10am on Superior Corn Belt Classic. Lot #4592

Posted on Jun 06, 2019
Contact: Fort K Livstock
Fort K Livestock 39 Red Angus Hfrs, 680-725#, Home Raised, Complete Vac. Program, Weaned and Wintered for grass selling at Torrington Livestock Markets on Friday, June 7. Call 307-532-3333 for more information.

Posted on Jun 04, 2019
City/State: Harlem Montana
Contact: Bbb
Quantity: 80
80 head of steer calves born March April 2019 have had spring shots available late October early November 2019 . Should weigh 600 or a little more

Posted on May 14, 2019
Contact: Schreiber Red Angus
45 Day Weaned Red Angus and Red Angus Cross Feeder Steers and Heifers. Have had 3 rounds of shots of Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot and Black Leg (2 Fall of 2018 and 1 at Weaning). Good Gentle Cattle

Posted on Apr 25, 2019
Contact: Bill & Mary Owens
Bill & Mary Owens will be selling 120 Red Angus Strs & Hfrs, 600-700#, Weaned a long time, Been on a Grower Ration, 3 Rounds of Shots, Home Raised, Red Angus Tagged, (few Blks but verified Red Angus Sired) on Wednesday, May 1 at Torrington Livestock. Call 307-532-3333 for more information.

Posted on Mar 31, 2019
Contact: Red Forks Ranch
Red Fork Red Angus/Ken & Cheri Graves 147 Red Angus few Blk (14 hd) Strs 400-625#, Weaned a long time, Bunk Broke, Ground Alfalfa & Grass Hay, Shots @ Birth: Ultra Choice 7, Branding Shots: Vision 7 Somnus, Pyramid 5+Presponse, Weaning Shots: Vision 7 Somnus, Vira Shield 6, Poured w/Ivermectin, No Implants, High Elevation, Home Raised, Tagged with the “Yellow” Red Angus FCCP Tags, Mostly April/May Calves but few in March and Summer selling at Torrington Livestock Markets on Wednesday, April 3. Sale starts at 10 am mountain time