Contact: Aberle Ranch
First calf heifer pairs. All calves born between Feb. 20th and March 15th. Calves weigh around 150 to 200lbs. Calves had Alfa 7 and inforce when born. All were calved through a barn and penned. Good disposition and good utters. Heifers come off two reputation ranches. For more information call 605-850-3913
City/State: Glencross, SD
Quantity: 80
Color: Red Angus
Weight: 1200-1300
  • Name: Christopher, Aberle
  • Email:
  • SD
  • Phone: 605-850-3913
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Bangs Vacc: Yes
  • Color: Red Angus
  • Age: 2yr old-first calf heifers
  • Clostridial: Yes
  • Repository: Yes
  • Lepto: Yes
  • Pour On: Yes