5L Ranch Fall Bull & Commercial Female Sale

Contact: Blew Partnership
These are home raised, One Iron bred heifers from Blew Partnership, the 2017 Red Angus Commercial Producer of the year and multiple GridMaster winner. Moderate frame high fertility females designed to maximize pounds of calf harvested per land unit. These are PI tested Free and pelvic measured prior to breeding. Steermates to these heifers were over 20% PRIME.
City/State: Sheridan, MT
Quantity: 50
Price: public auction
Color: Red
Weight: 950
  • Name: CJ , Blew
  • Email:
  • Address: 16304 South Fall St.
    Hutchinson, KS
  • Phone: 620-727-2494
  • Phone Alternate: 620-727-2494
  • Sire Breed: Red Angus
  • Parent Herd Breed: Red Angus
  • Service Sire Breed: Red Angus
  • Service Sire Source: 5L Red Angus (Defender and Bourne sons)
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Preg Checked: Yes
  • Preg Checked Certificate: Yes
  • Calving Date: 03/07/2020
  • Bangs Vacc: Yes
  • Lot #: C1
  • Color: Red
  • Age: spring 2018
  • Sire Source: 5L Red Angus
  • Clostridial: Yes
  • Repository: Yes
  • Lepto: Yes
  • Pour On: Yes
  • Other: PI tested FREE,