Fall Red Angus Pairs

Contact: Booth's Cherry Creek Ranch
We are looking at selling our entire registered Red Angus Fall Herd. We have calves on the ground right now. Some have Red Angus calves on their side, and some have Black Angus calves on their side. Some have yet to calve. We are looking at selling them mid November before we breed. These cows range in age from two yearling heifers yet to have a calf to a 10 year old cow. For more information and pictures, give me a call or text.
City/State: Veteran, WY
Quantity: 17
Price: 2000.00
Color: Red, Some with Black Angus Calves
Weight: 1200
  • Name: Lindsy, Booth
  • Email:
  • Address: 2162 Road 60
    Veteran, WY
  • Phone: 3075321830
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Bangs Vacc: Yes
  • Sale Info: We have some Red Angus cows with Red Angus calves but some with black Angus calves.
  • Color: Red, Some with Black Angus Calves
  • Age: 1-10
  • Clostridial: Yes
  • Repository: Yes
  • Lepto: Yes
  • Pour On: Yes