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- Easy Birth, Heavy Wean Each bull priced individually - reasonable offers accepted WHAT OUR BULLS ARE KNOWN FOR •Our bulls will not fall apart after they get to your ranch - we do not over-fatten our bulls which prevents the first-year weight loss and increases breeding productivity. They are also not pampered or barn kept, they are built for endurance. •We have low birth weight calves with terrific Calving Ease (CED and CEM) genetics allowing ranchers to save more cattle during calving. •We have amazing Maintenance Energy ME genetics which make the progeny able to maintain and gain weight while requiring less feed but still receiving a high profit at sale. •Their posterity make great steaks! Our Yield Grade and Body Fat genetics produce incredible beef as well as ranch-to-rail profitability. The Holliday Ranch bought their original purebred Red Angus herd from the Blue Jay baseball team in 1978. Over the past 40 years we genetically-wired our bulls with the perfect combination to breed high quality calves. Whether you are wanting to build your herd, gain bulls with endurance or increase profitability; Darrel Holliday Ranch has the bulls you need.
City/State: Oregon
  • Name: Darrel, Holliday
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  • Address: 65126 Highway 26
  • Phone: 5418055672
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Sale Info: Private Treaty
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