Fancy red angus heifers

Contact: E2 Cattle
We are offering some quality red angus bred heifers this fall. Most of them are AI-ed to Gmra Trinity for March 3rd calving. Half of them are home raised and the other half were purchased from reputable red angus breeders Gill Red angus. Not a step was missed with these girls and they certainly look it. They have been culled heavily for docility and conformation. Other notes are as follows; freeze branded, pinkeye and hoof rot vac., long range wormer, prebreeding shots, full Purina mineral program, multimin 90, and all have been pelvic examined. They have been ultrasounded by the Ashley Vet clinic and are sexed/dated. Any more questions let us know. Eureka, SD
City/State: Eureka, SD
Quantity: 80
Price: $1850
Color: Red
Weight: 1000
  • Name: Dalton , Ellefson
  • Email:
  • Address: 33516 108th St.
    Eureka, SD
  • Phone: 605-864-9738
  • Sire Breed: Red Angus
  • Parent Herd Breed: Red Angus
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Preg Checked: Yes
  • Preg Checked Certificate: Yes
  • Bred Date: 5-30-2019
  • Calving Date: 3-03-2019
  • Bangs Vacc: Yes
  • Color: Red
  • Age: 1.5
  • Clostridial: Yes
  • Repository: Yes
  • Lepto: Yes
  • Pour On: Yes