Contact: JC & LeAnn McLaughlin
JC & LeAnn McLaughlin have 30 Blk Strs & Hfrs, 450-600#, Weaned since Nov. 1, Running out supplemented with Hay and Tubs, Branding Shots: 7-way, Poured, Weaning Shots: Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot, Poured, Age & Source Verified through Red Angus with Allied tags, May/June Calves selling at Torrington LIvestock Markets on Wednesday, February 26. Call 307-532-3333 for more information.
  • Name: Mindy, Hartung
  • Email:
  • Address: P O Box 1097
    Torrington, WY
  • Phone: 3075323333
  • Bred Method: Natural