Contact: Jim & Scott Boettcher
Selling at Atkinson Livestock Market on December 14th. Calved March - April. Gave an Alpha 7 shot when tagged. End of April branded and gave Pyramid 5 + Response and a pasturella shot. Cut with knife. Oct precondition shots Pyramid 5+Response and Pasturella shot plus an Ultra Bac Soma7 blk leg shot. Poured with Cleanup 2. Weaned them first week in Nov. Nov.19th boostered Pyramid 5, wormed with Dectomax injectable and put in EID tags. Bunk broke on 5 lbs grain mix and loose fed prairie hay. Haven't had any implants.
  • Name: Scott, Boettcher
  • Email:
  • Atkinson, NE
  • Phone: 402-340-6291
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Number of Head - Steer: 215
  • Number of Head - Steer / Weight: 500-750
  • FCCP Tagged: Yes
  • Castration Type: Knifecut
  • Steer Implants: No
  • Weaned: Yes