Contact: Red Forks Ranch
Red Fork Red Angus/Ken & Cheri Graves 147 Red Angus few Blk (14 hd) Strs 400-625#, Weaned a long time, Bunk Broke, Ground Alfalfa & Grass Hay, Shots @ Birth: Ultra Choice 7, Branding Shots: Vision 7 Somnus, Pyramid 5+Presponse, Weaning Shots: Vision 7 Somnus, Vira Shield 6, Poured w/Ivermectin, No Implants, High Elevation, Home Raised, Tagged with the “Yellow” Red Angus FCCP Tags, Mostly April/May Calves but few in March and Summer selling at Torrington Livestock Markets on Wednesday, April 3. Sale starts at 10 am mountain time
  • Name: Mindy, Hartung
  • Email:
  • Torrington, WY
  • Phone: 3075323333
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Number of Head - Steer: 147
  • Number of Head - Steer / Weight: 400-625
  • FCCP Tagged: Yes
  • Red Angus Sire Source: yes
  • Breed Parent Cow Herd: Red Angus