Age-Advantaged Herd Bulls for Sale

Contact: Shuter Family Cattle
These are the very best bulls from our last 3 calf crops. We have used 768E and 804F on our own cows. If 961G is still around when it is turn out time, he will get used this year. We don't keep many bulls as we own a fresh meat market that our finished animals all go to and with that market, it takes a really good one to stay intact around here. These are top quality bulls with powerful cow families behind them.
City/State: Frankton, IN
  • Name: Brian, Shuter
  • Email:
  • Address: 6409 W 700 N
    Frankton, IN
  • Phone: 765-623-2301
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Bulk Registration Entry #1
  • Number 3813011
  • Price 3500
  • Lot SFCC 768E
  • Comment WPRA Legacy son out of cow from the Copper Queen cow family
  • Bulk Registration Entry #2
  • Number 3894729
  • Price 3500
  • Lot SFCC 804F
  • Comment Hard Drive out of a cow from the Copper Queen cow family, good performance and carcass results from the Indiana Bull Test
  • Bulk Registration Entry #3
  • Number 4234496
  • Price 4000
  • Lot SFCC 961G
  • Comment PTO son out of a Mulberry daughter from our Red Robin 41R foundation donor