77 Open Commercial Heifers

Contact: Toppenish Livestock Auction
77hd of Red Angus open commercial females selling at Toppenish Livestock on Thursday, January 26th. Heifers are all straight reds, and have had their spring and fall shots. Come from reputation herd over by Friday Harbor WA. For more information please contact Greg Black or Toppenish Livestock Auction.
City/State: Toppenish Livestock Auction
Quantity: 77
Color: Red
Weight: 650
  • Name: Greg, Black
  • Email:
  • Address: 428 S. G Street
    Toppenish, WA
  • Phone: 509-865-2820
  • Sire Breed: Red Angus
  • Parent Herd Breed: Red Angus
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Color: Red
  • Age: Open Heifers
  • Sire Source: Lautenslauger, Beckton, and Feddes