75th Annual West Branch Feeder Calf Sale

Contact: West Branch Feeder Calf Association
City/State: 1673 Fairview West Branch, MI
Quantity: 700-800
Color: Blacks, Reds, & Baldies
Weight: 350-725
  • Name: Andy, Katterman
  • Email:
  • MI
  • Phone: 989-387-2976
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Sale Info: 700-800 head of feeder calves. All calves are weaned a minimum 30 days, with some weaned for 45 days. Calves are double vaccinated with Triangle 4 + PHK, Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ, Bar-Vac 7/Somnus, and Ultrabac 7/Somubac. Many calves are dewormed using various products. Over 300 calves will be Age & Source Verified through the Red Angus Allied Access program and numerous producers are BQA certified. The auction will be broadcast live via on October 22 at 12:00 ET.
  • Color: Blacks, Reds, & Baldies
  • Clostridial: Yes
  • Repository: Yes