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and it’s not hard to see why….

Red Angus females are in high demand from commercial producers far and wide. Their longevity, fertility, adaptability and efficiency, paired with their good disposition, make them the ideal cow for today’s producer. Coupled with the breed’s demonstrated carcass and growth benefits, it’s easy to see why Red Angus is the fastest growing beef breed in the U.S.

Data from Superior Livestock has shown that Red Angus females command up to $11/cwt more than females of all other breed types, which solidifies the fact that Red Angus cows can position your farm or ranch to thrive in today’s volatile markets.

Additional data¹ from Superior Livestock show that bred Red Angus heifers command an average of $150 more per head than all other breed types ($140 more than Angus-sired, $133 more than English x Continental and $177 more than Brahman-influenced bred heifers).

Serious data for serious consideration: what can Red Angus do for your herd and your bank account?

For more information on adding Red Angus genetics to your herd, visit our stockyard, sale calendar and tagging programs sections or contact a member of our commercial marketing team to learn more.

¹Smith, M.J. et al., 2015. Factors affecting the sale price of bred heifers sold through Superior Livestock video auctions from 2010-2017. Midwest ASAS abstract accepted.