Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I sign up to become a Member of the Red Angus Association of America?
A. You may sign up online and pay by credit card over the phone or fill out a PDF application and mail to RAAA.
Q. Annual Membership Dues are $100, but on my July statement it shows Dues $70 and Magazine portion $30. Is it possible to not receive a copy of the magazine and just pay the $70?
A.   No, the dues are $100, the breakdown is for accounting purposes.
Q. Where can I find a copy of the official Red Angus Association of America Breeder's Guide?
A. The RAAA Breeder's Guide can be found under the Registration tab or by clicking here.
Q. Do I have to participate in Total Herd Reporting (THR) if I become a Member?
A. Yes.
Q. What are the fees associated with Registration and Transfer?
A. Fee information can be found here.
Q. Could you please send me my password for REDS?
A. Contact the Registration Department for password retrieval.
Q. What are the DNA testing requirements for Red Angus?
A. DNA Testing Requirements

Q. Do I have to be a Member to use the Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP)?
A. No. Call RAAA at 940-320-8316 to go through a short Supplier Enrollment Process over the phone for qualification in the FCCP.
Q. How do I send out an eBlast?
A. Fill out this online form and RAAA will be in contact with you shortly. Check out the eBlast flyer for pricing details.
Q. How do I add my sale to the RAAA Calendar of Events?
A. Submit your Red Angus event here.
Q. Does it cost anything to use the Red Angus Stockyard?
A. The Red Angus Stockyard is free of charge. We ask that you include registration numbers if submitting a registered listing.
Q. Can I use tags from a previous years FCCP order?
A. Yes. However, you must first enroll your current calf crop to use those tags. Call 940-387-3502 to enroll your calf crop.

Red Angus Shows
Q. Where do I find information on the National Red Angus Open & Junior Shows?
A. Check out the Red Angus Shows webpage.