About Red Angus

The Red Angus Association of America is a thriving and growing organization enhancing and promoting Red Angus and Red Angus-influenced cattle.

Red Angus Mission

Our mission statement outlines the purpose towards which we commit our work life. These are the reasons for the existence of the Red Angus Association of America and it clearly describes who our customers are and what we produce as outcome benefits for them.

Our Mission is to provide our members and their customers with innovative programs and services, to continue advancing the quality, reliability and value of Red Angus and Red Angus-influenced seedstock used in the commercial beef industry.

We pursue this mission to promote the economic well-being and satisfaction of our members and their customers, and to equip them to be progressive cattle producers.

Red Angus Vision

The Red Angus Association of America provides visionary leadership and innovation to enhance the beef industry’s profitability through the competitive advantages of Red Angus and Red Angus-influenced cattle.

Our Core Policies

  1. It is the RAAA’s primary role to create an environment that promotes the financial stability of its members.
  2. The RAAA supports the development and use of membership-driven strategic planning.
  3. The RAAA creates marketing tools for commercial bull customers, creating more demand for Red Angus and Red Angus-influence genetics.
  4. The RAAA is committed to objectively describing and recording cattle, utilizing economically sound scientific principles with the least number of prediction values.  Furthermore, the RAAA encourages good stockmanship and sound visual appraisal in seedstock selection.
  1. Since its establishment, the RAAA has understood and accepted economic value of heterosis through planned crossbreeding.
  2. The RAAA does not take a role in the marketing of an individual member's cattle, therefore, the Red Angus Magazine editorial content has a commercial and technical focus. Individual seedstock supplier articles are avoided.
  3. It is the duty of the RAAA to proactively communicate with its membership therefore proxy voting is not allowed. This policy was established in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association at its inception to ensure that voting members are current on all pertinent information.

Historical Perspective

“The decision to form an association was based on the feeling among the breeders that there should be a herd book for these animals in order to perpetuate Red Angus as a useful breed of cattle. The members also felt that there was an opportunity with a relatively small group such as this to incorporate into the structure of the association itself, rules and standards for the selection and registration which would accelerate the improvement of the breed by taking advantage of some of the more recent advances in animal breeding research.

In general then, the policy of the [Red Angus] Association is to discourage the more artificial practices in purebred cattle production, and to place its faith instead in objective test, consisting for the most part of comparisons within herds of factors of known economic importance and known heritability. By making it an integral part of the registration system, the Red Angus breeders feel that even faster progress can be made toward the ultimate goal of more efficient beef production.”

Waldo Forbes, founding member and first President, August 1954