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The calving book designed by ranchers – for ranchers!

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The right tools are essential during calving season and a rancher’s calving book is the guardian of vital information. The Red Angus Association of America’s custom-designed calving book meets the demands of calving season, plus contains all the information ranchers need at their fingertips to genetic, age and source verify their calf crop.

The book is a weather-proof product that features a waterproof cover and pages that are waterproof, tear-proof and accept pencil, pen or marker. They are created to shed water and enhance the written image. The book includes the management pages producers use like bull inventory and soundness, vaccination, treatment, herd health, breeding and pregnancy.

If you are interested in ordering a standard Red Angus calving book, please contact the Value-Added Department at tags@redangus.org or 1-940-477-4593.

If you are interested in ordering your own custom-covered books, please see the information below.

This summer, Red Angus affiliates or RAAA members can customize their own calving book cover for their promotional needs. Just send your logo and wording to reflect your association or ranch name. We will design your cover and e-mail you your proof. The inside pages and company ads will be the same in each book.

The deadline to reserve your custom Red Angus Calving Book will be Aug. 1, 2024. The books are not date-sensitive so they have a longer shelf life.

For additional information, contact Taylor Ohlde at taylor@redangus.org or 913-626-2715.