The Red Angus Association of America has a number of active committees. These committees exist to provide input to the staff and the Board, and represent one of our Association’s most valuable resources. All members are encouraged to contact the committee members with your ideas and suggestions. By working together we can continue to keep Red Angus the progressive, innovative breed association that has led the industry since its foundation in 1954.

2017 Committee Assignments

Mission: The mission of the RAAA Registration Committee is to review, evaluate and advance the rules, regulations and policies that record, register and objectively describe Red Angus and Red Angus-influenced cattle. Guided by the Strategic Plan and Core Policies, the Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the Red Angus database, often collaborating with other committees.

Bruce Ketchum, Chair, BD
Stephanie Jung
Susan Schuler
Steven Rogers
Kenda Ponder, Staff
Angelia Brooks, Staff
Halla Pfeiff, Staff
Jesse Crump
Micah Bristow

Mission: The Red Angus marketing committee shall have as its purpose the goal of identifying and developing commercial cattle marketing programs. To compliment this, it is also the goal of the marketing committee to develop and implement education programs for any current or newly proposed commercial marketing programs.

Sam Lorenzen, Chair, BD
Bart Jones
Tony Ballinger
Clint Berry
Mark Burchfield
Chuck Feddes, BD
Gary Fike, Staff
Harold Bertz, Staff
Katie Oschner, Staff
Bryce Risa 
Jim Yance

Mission: Oversee the development and maintenance of the Association’s Bylaws so they are clear, concise, and effective in guiding the operation of the association; providing interpretation of its meaning when needed; and recognizing the need for amendment in order to keep the association current, relevant, and responsive to positive change.

John Langdon, Chair, BD
Steve Andras
Melvin Leland
Kim Ford
Newley Hutchison, BD
Tom Brink, CEO
Dan Stickel
Jeff Pettit

Mission: The purpose of the Show and Sale Committee is to be responsible for the development of rules and regulations assuring that the Red Angus breed is properly represented and displayed in a manner that promotes integrity and reflects the effective and progressive use of quality Red Angus genetics.

Stuart Gilbert, Chair, BD
Johnnie Cundiff
Charles Lewis
Brian Shuter
Garth Griffin
Cassie Johnson
Chessie Mitchell, Staff
JC Andras
Scott Bayer

Mission: To effectively tell the Red Angus story using sound science and real-world beef production to advance the Red Angus Association of America as a trusted source of information and genetics for the beef industry.

Connie Mushrush, Chair, BD
Kyley DeVoe, BD
Brandi Buzzard Frobose, Staff
Kay Klompien
Anne Kimmey
Newley Hutchinson, BD
Tracey Koester, Staff
Kevin LeMaster, Staff
Lori White
Kelly Massey 

Mission: The Breed Improvement Committee serves as the catalyst for developing and delivering tools designed to improve the genetics of Red Angus and Red Angus-influenced cattle. The committee relies upon the RAAA Strategic Plan, directives from the RAAA Board of Directors, and interaction with RAAA stakeholders for guidance in determining the areas of emphasis and prioritization. Resulting recommendations are presented to the RAAA Board of Directors for final approval and guidance for implementation.

Steve Koester, Chair, BD
Kelli Brown
Craig Bieber
Steve Maier
Larry Melhoff
Butch Schuler
Tyler Sonstegard
Will Andras
Daniel Mushrush
Halla Pfeiff, Staff
Ryan Boldt

Mission: To equip and prepare all JRA stakeholders to be leaders,
innovators, stewards and advocates for the Red Angus breed, the beef
industry and agriculture.

Raymond Prescott, Chair, BD
Kyley DeVoe, BD
Keiley Banfield
Marcine Moldenhauer
Amber Boyles-Stephens
Chris Pierce
Kim Heller, Staff
Philip Berg 
Marie Linnel


Johnny Rogers, Chair, BD
Ross Knott
George Murdock
Greg Livingston
Sam Lorenzen, BD
Tom Brink, CEO
Frank Wedel
Ernest Christensen 

Donnell Brown, Chair
Larry Croissant
Dr. Mark Enns
Gordon Jones
Bob Weaber
Brian Brigham
Larry Keenan, Staff
Kevin Miller, BD
Kyle Caires 
Tab Sonstegard 
Ryan Boldt 

Frank Wedel, Chair
Tom Woodward,
Joe Mushrush,
John Butler,
Mary Ann Kniebel,
Gary Fike, Staff
Harold Bertz, Staff
Newly Hutchison, BD
Jim Phillips 

Steve Koester, Chiar, BD
Kevin Miller, BD
Jamie Jo Axtell
Peggy Bieber
Halla Pfeiffm, Staff
Chessie Mitchell, Staff
Stuart Gilbert