Red Angus Staff

Administrative Staff

Tom Brink
Halla Ramsey
  • Halla Ramsey
  • Executive Assistant
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 10
  • Fax:
Janet Russell
  • Janet Russell
  • Accounting Director
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 11
  • Fax:

Member Services

The Member Services Department is responsible for maintaining all member data including memberships, accounts receivable, ARA Magazine subscriptions, mailing lists, registrations, transfers, THR calendar, performance, DNA parentage, ultrasound data, sire ID carcass data and generations of production, herd EPDs and Genetic Defect Status reports. For registration questions and data submissions, please email For DNA questions, please email

Kaitlyn Fulmer
  • Kaitlyn Fulmer
  • REDSPro and Registry Specialist
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 1
Stephanie Essegian
  • Stephanie Essegian
  • REDSPro and Registry Specialist
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 1
Ariana De La Garza
  • Ariana De La Garza
  • DNA Programs Manager
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 8
Julia Sanderson
  • Julia Sanderson
  • DNA Customer Service Specialist
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 8
Andi Inmon
  • Andi Inmon
  • DNA Customer Service Specialist
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 3
Dalli Hobbs
  • Dalli Hobbs
  • Membership & Accounts Receivable
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 7

Breed Improvement

The Breed Improvement Department is responsible for developing and implementing tools to increase the reliability of Red Angus genetics. This pursuit is guided by the Breed Improvement and Technical Committees.

Lindsay Upperman, Ph.D.
  • Lindsay Upperman, Ph.D.
  • Director of Breed Improvement
  • Phone:
    940-387-3502 Ext. 29


The RAAA Communications Department is responsible for delivering the Red Angus message to the beef industry as well as the dissemination of information about Association policy and programs to Red Angus breeders. The delivery of information is carried out via a wide array of media to include website, e-newsletters, social media, RFD-TV, podcasts, face-to-face interaction at industry trade shows and educational seminars, a national print advertisement campaign and the Red Angus Magazine.

The Red Angus Magazine is the official publication of the RAAA. In addition to being the Association’s largest single voice for the education and communication of its members and their customers, the Red Angus Magazine is also the primary vehicle for the promotion of the breed and its breeders. The Red Angus Magazine’s printed circulation is approximately 11,000 per issue and is also available online.

Katie Martin
Tracey Koester
  • Tracey Koester
  • Red Angus Magazine Publisher and Advertising Director
  • Phone:
Brandi Buzzard Frobose


The Marketing staff focuses their efforts on serving Red Angus stakeholders by providing tools and resources including: Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program, Feeder Fax, Red Angus Stockyards, Red Angus Feeder Calf Sales, GridMaster Award, Educational Podcasts, FeMail, and more. Please feel free to contact the Marketing Department to find out how we can help you!

Kelly Smith
Rachael Oliver
  • Rachael Oliver
  • Assistant Director of Commercial Marketing
  • Phone:
Jeananne Drouhard
  • Jeananne Drouhard
  • Value-Added Department Team Lead
  • Phone:
  • Fax:
Josh Taylor
Cory Peters
Taylor Ohlde
Lauren Weingardt

Red Angus Shows

The Red Angus show staff are dedicated to assisting Red Angus cattle exhibitors in all facets of showing in order to represent the breed at the highest quality possible at regional and national shows across the U.S.

Erin Dorsey

IT and Programming

Kenda Ponder
Tom Ballard
Roy Sebastian


The education department strives to advance the capacity and ultimate success of the organization through educational efforts for members, association leadership and staff. The Junior Red Angus Association (JRA) offers educational and leadership opportunities to all junior members through age 21. The Junior Programs Coordinator is responsible for the JRA.

Kim Heller, Ph.D.
Taylor Dorsey