Marketing Options

Red Angus' bred-in carcass characteristics as well as the USDA Process Verified Age & Source Verification open many doors for producers marketing Red Angus Fed Cattle. Each of these "linked" alliances provide excellent grid marketing and/or age and source verification options to complement ranchers' retained ownership strategies.

Tyson Fresh Meats’ Premium Red Angus Grid

Tyson’s Choice+ Premium Red Angus Grid focuses on the strengths of Red Angus cattle verified through the FCCP ‘yellow tag’ program by rewarding cattle that marble well. Premiums are rewarded for cattle grading choice, upper 2/3 choice and premium. To learn more about the Tyson Choice+ Red Angus Grid, contact Kelly Smith at 417-855-9461.


Meyer Natural Foods (MNF) is one of the largest Natural and Organic beef companies in the US today. The flagship brand of MNF is Meyer Natural Angus (MNA). Started in the mid-1990’s, the MNA brand has grown to be recognized as one of the superior beef products on the market today. Concentrating their efforts on superior Angus genetics and management practices, the MNA brand is sold to retailers and foodservice outlets across the US. As demand for high-quality beef continues to grow, the MNA program is continually looking for additional cattle to bring into the system. MNA has developed an extensive feedlot base throughout the central U.S. and can assist in connecting cow/calf producers and feeders. To learn more about the MNA program, please review the links listed below. If you still have questions or would like to try to market your cattle through the Meyer system, you can contact our corporate office in Loveland, Colo. at 970-292-5006 or go to our website at

Ranchers' Guide to Natural

MNA Producer Handbook

MNA Internal Humane Handling Standards

US Premium Beef, LLC, Kansas City, MO, (USPB) is a producer-owned, beef marketing company. USPB is an owner of National Beef Packing Company, LLC, which is the nation's fourth largest beef processor. USPB is the only large scale company that enables producers to retain ownership of their cattle through producer owned value-added processing in the United States. The beef our members produce is the cornerstone for many of our processing company's branded product lines including Black Canyon ® Premium Reserve, Certified Premium Beef®, Black Canyon® Angus Beef, Naturewell® Natural Beef, and NatureSource® Natural Angus Beef. In addition, our company also produces Certified Angus Beef® and Certified Hereford Beef®.

USPB's more than 2,100 producers come from 36 states and represent all segments of the beef industry including seedstock producers, commercial cow-calf producers, stocker operators as well as farmer-feeders and custom cattle feeders. All share a common desire to earn greater profits for producing beef designed for today's consumers. We continue to work with new producers who want to get paid for the value of the beef they produce.

USPB recognizes the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) as verification of Angus parentage for inclusion in our Naturewell® Natural Beef and NatureSource™ Natural Angus Beef branded programs.

For more information on how you can market your cattle through U.S. Premium Beef, please visit our website or contact Tracy Thomas at (866) 877-2525 or by email at

The Greater Omaha Red Angus Grid is a great marketing option for high yielding cattle tagged with the FCCP 'yellow tag'. The G.O. Red Grid rewards Yield Grade 1 and 2 cattle.

For more information about the G.O. Red Grid, contact Kelly Smith at 417-855-9461.

Red Angus and Five Rivers Cattle Feeding are teaming up to target more Red Angus feeder cattle toward the Aspen Ridge Natural Angus Beef.

See desired feeder cattle specifications and contact information below.

Five Rivers Desired Specifications for Red Angus feeder cattle purchased for the Aspen Ridge Natural Angus Beef program:

  • Must be born and raised in the U.S. and be both Natural (Five Rivers affidavit) and also NHTC-verified (third party).
  • Participating producers must sign a Five Rivers affidavit and confirmation of understanding. No hormones, no antibiotics, and no animal by-products administered or fed ever in the animals’ lifetime. All animals that have been treated with an antibiotic must be identified, separated, and not sent with the group. Mineral and protein supplementation must be evaluated to ensure no feather meal or other animal by-products.
  • NHTC verification completed by a third party, such as IMI Global, Inc., Samson, Ranchers Connecting Ranchers, etc.
  • Steers and heifers are accepted, but no mixed sex loads.
  • 600 to 900 lbs.
  • Minimum group size is one load.
  • Weaned at least 60 days.
  • EID tag highly preferred.
  • Complete health treatment history (if available). Prefer two rounds of a combination 5-way viral and Mannheimia haemolytica bacterin vaccine (e.g. Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ and/or Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot) and at least one round of a 7-way clostridial.
  • Genetics in the top half of the breed for growth and carcass traits or Top Dollar Angus verified cattle.
  • Continental breed influence is welcome, but at least 50% Red Angus genetics is required. No Bos indicus or dairy influence.
  • Five Rivers also purchases traditionally raised cattle for their other feeding regimes in their other feedyards.

Cattle are fed for the Aspen Ridge Natural Angus Beef program at the Five Rivers-Kuner Feedlot, located nine miles east of Greeley, Colorado.

Tanner Pickett
General Manager, Kuner Feedlot
28625 US-34
Kersey, CO 80644
(970) 670-0988

Adams Land & Cattle, LLC (ALCC) of Broken Bow, Nebraska, is interested in filling its yard with more Red Angus cattle! ALCC currently purchases about 90% of its cattle out of auctions. The company is interested in expanding its contracting foot print with progressive, like-minded producers. ALCC is open to sharing cattle performance data, which will allow producers an opportunity to better understand their herd’s value and continuously improve their herd for better returns. In turn, ALCC is interested in opportunities to contract/purchase cattle at fair market value for both the producer and ALCC.    

The following criteria describe what Adams Land & Cattle, LLC is searching for in the cattle it purchases:

Conventional Cattle

  • Steers only (not interested in heifers at this time)
  • Weaned Calves (all weights), Un-Weaned Calves (all weights), or Yearlings (>750 lbs)  
  • Open to Forward Contracting (Cash or Basis) as well as Spot Market Trades
  • We will have an ALCC representative on site to load cattle
  • Flexible on FOB (Ranch or Delivered to Broken Bow)
  • Flexible on Freight (either we line up or Producer lines up)
  • Will Pay Direct to Producer

Program Cattle

  • Programs:
    • GAP 1 Certified
    • Certified Natural
    • Certified NHTC
    • Not interested in Verified (Affidavit) Cattle
    • Note: “Certified” means certification through an accredited third party auditing company such as IMI Global
  • Steers Only
  • Prefer Yearlings (>750 lbs.) but will discuss Calves (all weights)
  • Open to Forward Contracting (Cash or Basis) as well as Spot Market Trades
  • We will have an ALCC representative on site to load cattle
  • Flexible on FOB (Ranch or Delivered to Broken Bow)
  • Flexible on Freight (either we line up or Producer lines up)
  • Will Pay Direct to Producer

More information about ALCC Cattle Procurement can be found at Producers with cattle for sale may fill out a form on this page for the Cattle Procurement Team to review and follow up on. Producers may also contact the Cattle Procurement Team directly by emailing or calling (308)872-6494 and selecting Option #2.





Genetic certification of superior Angus feeder cattle is an idea whose time has come. The U.S. feeder cattle market doesn’t always distinguish the best Angus calves from generic black or red-hided feeder cattle.

Top Dollar Angus is the first and only certification program for commercial feeder cattle focused exclusively on Angus and Red Angus-based cattle with top 25% growth and carcass traits.

Learn more from