Marketing Services

The Red Angus Association of America marketing staff strives to provide commercial producers with superior marketing assistance to increase the marketability of Red Angus cattle. Feeder Fax and FeMail are FREE services provided to commercial cattlemen marketing Red Angus genetics that can help garner additional attention for cattle being offered for sale.

Free Feeder Cattle Marketing Service...

Use Red Angus Feeder Fax to send descriptions of your feeder cattle and calves to feedyard managers and order buyers, who have expressed an interest in feeding Red Angus. Feeder Fax is FREE, and works for load lots of calves or yearlings. Whether you are selling through a sale barn, video auction or private treaty, Feeder Fax is available to help inform buyers of cattle you have for sale. Listing your cattle on the Feeder Fax is easy. Complete the following form and send it in at least 72 hours before sale time:

If you are interested in receiving the Feeder Fax, please email Chessie Mitchell at

FeMail is an electronic tool to help producers find or market Ranch-Tested Replacements! Ranchers can locate commercial Red Angus influenced heifer calves, bred heifers and even cow calf pairs. In order to list with the FeMail, you must be selling at least 25 females on the Red Angus Stockyard to make a FeMail eblast.

If you are interested in receiving the FeMail, sign up here.

How to list with FeMail:

  1. Post a listing on the Red Angus Stockyard.
  2. Contact RAAA Marketing Programs at or 940-387-3502.

Genetic certification of superior Angus feeder cattle is an idea whose time has come. The U.S. feeder cattle market doesn’t always distinguish the best Angus calves from generic black or red-hided feeder cattle.

Top Dollar Angus is the first and only certification program for commercial feeder cattle focused exclusively on Angus and Red Angus-based cattle with top 25% growth and carcass traits.

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