Welcome to the Stockyard!

Looking for Red Angus-influenced females, bulls, semen or embryos? Stop and take a look at the Red Angus Stockyard page! With Red Angus cattle as hot as they are now we want to make sure that we have an avenue for producers to advertise and search for Red Angus genetics across the country!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit or remove my post? Due to not having a login portal, staff will need to be notified of any edits or removal requests. You can simply email and changes are normally completed within 24 hours.

Where can I post my feeder and finished cattle? We have created a Red Angus show list for feedyards and packers looking for Red Angus-influenced cattle. You can market feeder or finished cattle classes through this free service whether you are selling through a sale barn, video auction or private treaty.

I can’t find an animal that fits my needs. Take a look at our most recent RAM Magazine or reach out to our marketing team for further assistance!


Need further assistance navigating or posting to the Stockyard page? Email the value-added department at