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Red Angus Association of America

Red Angus’ 50-plus-year commitment to its founding members’ vision of more efficient beef production through the use of the scientific principles of performance testing has been realized. Due to the numerous natural advantages with which the Red Angus breed is endowed, and based on the continued philosophy of the Red Angus Association of America, it appears that a great breed has come into its own and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The future of the breed as the common denominator in progressive cattle producers’ crossbreeding systems is unlimited. MORE ABOUT US

Upcoming Sales & Events

Upcoming Sales & Events

Jan 21

LaCrosse Red Angus Feeder Calf Sale

2340 Highway 183, LaCrosse , KS , 67548
Jan 22

Rohrich’s Cutting Edge Ranch

Jan 24

Bullis Creek Ranch “Generations of Predictability 22”

88102 S WOOD LAKE RD, WOOD LAKE , NE , 69221-8112