Red Cow Rally

It’s time to round-up the data for the

The onset of IGS-BOLT evaluation, paired with the submission of phenotypic records, has led to a new era in genetic evaluation for the cattle industry. In an effort to collect necessary female genotype and phenotype information to improve genetic predictions, the Red Angus Association of America Board of Directors has approved the Red Cow Rally.

The Rally research collaboration between RAAA and Neogen is designed to increase phenotypic data collection and submission for mature weights, body condition scores and genotypes on Red Angus females. A limited number of research genotypes (GGP-LD) and rebate funds will be available for the project, so discounts and rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, read the full program rules and restrictions, and to enroll, contact the DNA department at

Red Cow Rally Regulations
Red Cow Rally DNA Form