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Multi-Breed EPD Base simplifies selection

Availability of time and being able to digest increasing volumes of information have evolved into two of ranchers’ greatest challenges. Perhaps nowhere more pronounced than in making genetic selection decisions.

Ranchers must:

• Find the breed or breeds that fit your production environment and marketing strategy.

• Identify breeders whose management, selection, customer service and integrity fits both you and your cowherd.

• Pour through the mountains of EPDs and pedigrees, then study structure and phenotype to locate those bulls that will move your herd towards production and end product goals.

• Learn it all over again each time a new breed is added through a structured crossbreeding program.

Over the last 3-4 decades animal scientists have concentrated on building predictions (EPDs) for an increasing number of traits (some more relevant to profitability than others), refining prediction models so that the EPDs used to predict those traits are more precise and running biannual genetic evaluation for various breeds.

Efforts to simplify producers’ selection process have only received more recent consideration – with little to no effort being focused across breed associations. Two summers ago that all changed. Red Angus, who had been running joint genetic evaluation with Canadian Angus for the past decade, pooled that dataset with the American Simmental Association, which already contained significant volumes of Angus and Red Angus data as well as other breeds.

The result of this collaboration was the world’s largest multi-breed dataset with over 10 million animal records. In the summer of 2012, Red Angus and Simmental again combined to give the beef industry something cattlemen and women have been asking for since the advent of genetic evaluation … EPDs that can be compared across breeds.

Starting with the Fall 2012 EPDs, all animals in Red Angus and Simmental’s multi-breed database are described using the same language. That is, their EPDs are published on the same multi-breed base and scale. Selection for Growth (BW, WW, YW, Milk) and Carcass (MARB, YG, CW, REA, FAT) EPDs will be greatly simplified as commercial customers will be able to directly compare these EPDs across breeds as well as registered hybrids/composites seedstock.


Yes, Red Angus EPDs will look different.

Study the Multi-Breed Base brochure to learn more about this advancement.