Programs & Events

In the tradition of our breed founders,
we're building leaders based on performance!

The Junior Red Angus Association (JRA) is focused on building breed and industry leaders by developing programs that offer members opportunities to strengthen their knowledge of beef cattle and improve their individual breeding programs, while developing necessary life skills such as team work, self-confidence, and communication ability. Activities and programs include

Live | WiRED EPD Education Program

The Junior Red Angus board is excited about a unique opportunity to explore EPDs over the next three years in a project featuring the progeny of Penny, a Gelbvieh Cow flushed to selected sires representing both EPD high bell curve and low bell curve Red Angus sires. The goal of the project is to isolate the genetic differences of the bulls and demonstrate EPDs through evaluating two sets of calves from birth through harvest (~25 head per sire performance group). The tracking of this progeny will be a platform for integrated EPD education and exploration throughout the upcoming Junior Red Angus activities and events.

Intern Placement Program

Gain career development experience through an internship with a Red Angus breeder or other industry stakeholders.

Scholarship Opportunities

  • JRA Scholarship – Over $5,500 in college scholarships are awarded annually to JRA members. Application deadline is February 15.
  • Travel Scholarships – Registration and travel expense scholarships are awarded through an application process for each national leadership event. 

Canadian Exchange Program

Explore the beef industry in Canada guest of the Canadian Angus Association for their national junior events.


Build friendships, gain industry knowledge and compete for awards through this summer event that combines programs, the JRA annual meeting and fun!

National Junior Red Angus Show

Exhibit cattle and interact with other breeders throughout the country at the national show which rotates each year between fi ve regional locations (National Western Stock Show, Fort Worth Stock Show, Northern International Livestock Exposition, North International Livestock Exposition, and the Iowa State Fair). 
Entries in the Red Angus National Junior Show are subject to all show rules and regulations printed in the RAAA Breeder's Guide

Loaded 4 Leadership

Prepare for career and industry leadership by participating in this engaging conference which focuses on advocating for agriculture.

Young Stockman Program

Develop beef production knowledge and skills as part of this hands-on program designed to equip the next generation of stockmen.

National RAAA Convention

Build your Red Angus network while participating in the workshops and business sessions of the Red Angus annual meeting.  Attend events specifically designed for junior members. 

State and Regional Events

Reap the benefits of membership on the state or regional level. Get involved to gain industry skills and to build your network. Contact your state association for more information.  Find your state contact here.  

Competitive Events

Focus on career development by building your leadership and stockman skills through a variety of national contests.