Total Herd Reporting Annual Schedule

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Spring Calving

Fall Calving


Jan. 1 June 1 The Association sends notification to each member to update herd
inventory based on the previous year's inventory plus disposal and
transfer information reported to the Association by this date.
Jan. 31 June 30 Member updates the inventory to the Association with all changes,
additions, and corrections.
Mar. 15 Aug. 15 Association sends "No Progeny Application Report" to those
members who have cows without either a calf record or reason code.
Apr. 15 Sept. 15 "No Progeny Application Report" due back to Association.
May 15 Nov. 15 Heifer Exposure -- Association will send notification to determine
a member's yearling heifer inventory.  Member indicates breeding
season dates, exposure information, contemporary group
designation, and disposal information.
May Oct. Inactivation - Cows without either a calf record or reason code.
July 1 Dec. 1 Association sends billing report for annual THR assessments based
on your herd inventory. This is billed at 20% per month July through
November for Spring calving herds, and December through April for
Fall calving herds.
Aug. 1 Mar.  1 Association sends notification of weaning worksheets to members
to report their calf crop for the THR calendar year.
Aug. 15 Feb. 15 Member updates the heifer exposure inventory to the Association
with all exposure and disposal information.
Nov. 30 April 30 THR assessment billed in full by this date.



International birth year codes:

Year - Code
    Year - Code
2005 - R
    2012 - Z
2006 - S
    2013 - A
2007 - T     2014 - B
2008 - U
    2015 - C
2009 - W     2016 -D
2010 - X     2017 - E
2011 - Y     2018 - F
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