Regular Membership

This is a voting membership which may be held by any person 18 years of age and older.

To retain voting and membership privileges, a member must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain at least one animal on active inventory (an animal on active inventory is defined as one that has been assessed by Total Herd Reporting (THR), in accordance with the current version of the RAAA’s Breeder’s Guide: Rules and Regulations, or is of age to be assessed), and
  • Maintain current dues status.

Regular members of the Association are required to participate in THR, as more fully described in the current version of the RAAA’s Breeder’s Guide: Rules and Regulations.

Privileges of a Regular Membership

    • Registry privileges open only to members of the RAAA.
    • Receive access to complete performance programs on all your cattle.
    • Participate in bi-annual National Cattle Evaluation (NCE).
    • Subscription to Red Angus Magazine.
    • Breeding Herd Inventory listings.

Online access to Personal Account Information. (RAAA database REDSPro requires a user-specific password for online access. A minimum of eight charagers is required.)

Online Application

Download PDF Application

Submit completed application with payment to:

Red Angus Association of America
18335 E 103rd Ave, Suite 202
Commerce City, CO 80022

Fax: 888-829-6069



Visit our FAQ page for answers to questions regarding memberships.

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