American Red Cattle Met with Warm Welcome

Posted May 22, 2020

DENVER – American Red, a collaborative identification and tagging program between the Red Angus Association of America and Santa Gertrudis Breeders International is gaining momentum in the southern United States. The program, which was launched at the 2020 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Tradeshow in San Antonio, Texas, provides the beef industry with a unique blend of maternal traits, heat tolerance, growth and marbling from two complementary breeds.

Progressive producers have recognized the value in genetically verified cattle to help them manage the challenges of raising cattle in hotter climates. The program’s necessity was on full display at the Superior Livestock Gulf Coast Classic on April 16, in Fort Worth, Texas. More than 1,000 head of 650-pound American Red-qualified heifers, consigned by the King Ranch, Kingsville, Texas, were met with excellent demand and sold very well, despite current market conditions.

“The high-quality King Ranch consignment was a giant leap forward for the American Red program. Active bidding and strong demand indicate the industry acceptance of these good cattle and the program,” said RAAA commercial marketing director Harold Bertz. “We look forward to continued efforts with SGBI, producers and Superior Livestock as we expand the verification and marketing efforts for American Red cattle.”

Producers with questions about the American Red program should email or visit Enrollment requires a $50 enrollment fee and a $1.25 fee for each tag. There is a five-head minimum for enrollment.


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