Are You a Grid Master?

Posted July 5, 2017

Red Angus cattle continue to add value to premium markets and build customer reputations through the Feeder Calf Certification Program. Red Angus’ ability to consistently grade Choice or higher and maintain low levels of Yield Grade 4s make them a target for packers to fill premium branded-beef program demands. Cattle wearing the yellow FCCP tag or green Allied Access tag signifying enrollment in Red Angus value-added programs may submit carcass data to be considered for the distinguished Grid Master Award.

RAAA recognizes Grid Master winners as a way to demonstrate the grid capability and potential for increased market premiums of Red Angus cattle. Producers whose cattle are enrolled in the FCCP or Allied Access are eligible to submit data to RAAA, and the very best of those cattle qualify for Grid Master status. By collecting carcass data, producers improve their reputation as progressive cattlemen and feeders. They are also able to apply the carcass information into breeding advancements and sire selection in their cowherd.

Red Angus calves enrolled in the FCCP or Allied Access that were harvested between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017, may be considered if they meet the following specifications under two different classifications: all-natural cattle or conventionally fed cattle.

All-Natural Cattle Specifications 

• 30 head (or larger) load lot size
• 90% (or higher) Choice and Prime
• 10% (or less) Yield Grade 4
• Calculated Grid Score of 100+

Conventionally Fed Cattle Specifications 

• 30 head (or larger) load lot size
• 85% (or higher) Choice and Prime
• 5% (or less) Yield Grade 4
• Calculated Grid Score of 100+

Producers whose cattle are enrolled in FCCP and Allied Access can contact RAAA to submit their carcass data for consideration of Grid Master status. Data can be sent to Harold Bertz, commercial marketing programs coordinator, at or faxed to 888-829-6069. You can also call Bertz at 940-387-3502, Ext. 19 for more information.

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For more information, contact:
Tracey Koester, RAAA Editorial Coordinator
940-387-3502 •
Harold Bertz, RAAA Commercial Marketing Programs Coordinator
940-387-3502 Ext. 19 •