Beef Brief-March 20, 2024

Posted March 20, 2024

Week ending March 15, 2024

Fed cattle in the South and North trended higher, with stockers and feeder cattle doing the same. Live cattle were mixed with dressed beef cutouts and were higher, along with corn prices.

Fed cattle in the South were $1 higher at $186. Northern cattle were $2 higher at $187.50. The average carcass weight was 919 lb., which is 5 lb. higher from last week. Feeder steers averaged $256.53, which was $2.60 higher. Trade was $2 lower to $5 higher. Stocker cattle averaged $321.89, which came in at $5.13 higher.

The Choice cutout was $4.86 higher at $311.90 while the Select cutout was $4.97 higher at $302.40. This made the spread $9.50, which was $0.11 narrower. Cutter cows were $6.64 higher at $255.80.