Big results on a small group of Red Angus steers

Posted January 31, 2024

A long-time RAAA member recently shared the carcass data below on 30 head of his high-percentage Red Angus steers. The steers are approximately 85% Red Angus, with the other 15% being Continental-breed influence. The harvest date was Dec. 22, 2023.

To say these are favorable results would be an understatement. The steers produced an exceptional combination of quality grade and red meat yield. They tallied 4X the national average for Prime quality grades, and less than half the typical number of Yield Grade 4s. In other words, they marbled very well without putting on excessive back fat.

Their average carcass weight is also right where cattle feeders and packers would like to have it. Additionally, note the impressive dressing percent at 65.6 percent.

How much genetic selection is behind this great group of steers? “Quite a lot of genetic selection,” according to their owner. He also shared the carcass data on 20 head of heifers from the same calf crop. That group graded 33 percent Prime and had an average carcass weight of 917 lb.