DNA department update

Posted April 23, 2024

As spring rolls around, the DNA department has some announcements to share with producers that are important to note when preparing for DNA testing.

Neogen has discontinued the GGP-HD 150K test, leaving our GGP testing options to be GGP-LD or GGP-uLD. The GGP-LD Defect Bundle will also continue to be offered. Any current submissions for GGP-HD testing will be moved to GGP-LD. Any animals who have previously been tested with the 150K markers will still have that information reflected.

Allflex applicators have been subject to a price increase from the manufacturer and will now be $90 to purchase through the office. Both TSUs and applicators can be ordered through the office, as well as hair and blood cards. The lab turnaround time is currently 4 to 6 weeks. If you are planning on showing at RAYE make sure your DNA is submitted ASAP to meet show requirements.

Any questions about these changes can be directed to the DNA department at Any questions about RAYE requirements can be directed to Taylor Dorsey at