Fall birth and weaning due

Posted May 14, 2024

Recommended due date: May 15

This is a reminder to turn in your Fall 2023 Birth and Weaning report once calves are weaned. This deadline is recommended and penalties will not occur if missed, however Fall 2023 calving data MUST be recorded by Oct. 18 to avoid cow inactivation.

Once logged in to the REDSPro Database, follow the steps in the tutorial linked below to report your Fall 2023 calf crop.

Important notes:

  • Calves born dead or died after must be recorded.
  • Open cows, donor dams or females who aborted must have a reason code for 2023.
  • Calves intended to be sold commercially must be recorded as compute.
  • 2021 fall-born heifers being held over later than Fall 2023 need to have a reason code reported to them for Fall 2023.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the registration department at

View the tutorial here.